DAVIGNON custom suit is a culmination of 15 years of education and experience in tailoring, experimenting and constantly manipulating the silhouettes and the proportions for an incomparable fit and hand finished details that are now quintessential essence of a DAVIGNON garment.

The best Luxury garment can only be achieved if the human hand is allowed to shape it. The heritage and craftmanship of the Savile Row Bespoke, the tradition and elegance of the Italian expertise and the precise detailing of the French Parisian haute couture atelier, these uncompromising values continue to be the forefront of the way I like to design garments for my clients.

The initial consultation allows me to introduce you to the distinguishing variances between bespoke and made to measure and clearly enlighten the process of each. This tête-à-tête assists me to identify which would best be suited for your lifestyle and your sartorial preferences.

After navigating you through all the Sartorial details that will become the embodiment of your exclusive and personalized aesthetic, a series of 45 precise measurements are taken to define what will become your unique garment pattern. Then, the artisans begin their craft of passionately transforming your measurements into a work of art that will arrive 6 to 7 weeks later.  

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