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Luxury to me has always been about the experience, profound human connection and how you make another feel special… never a label.

In an ideal world, we all wish we could instinctively elevate our look to a level of sophistication. It’s the details, fibers, drape of the material, proportions, understanding the human physique and how garments are constructed to respond that engineers the presence and style we all aspire. It’s an art to which we were never trained but collectively presumed it was easy to achieve.

This proficiency and expertise requires passion, integrity towards the profession and takes years of training to master. It enables an ability to mentor a specific style and elegance that is curated. That is the passion that is embodied in a DAVIGNON garment.

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Ascending in the world of luxury menswear  and being recognized as a leader in bespoke and made to measure for Canada’s most prestigious retailers has been Matthew’s parkour for more than two decades. His intimate knowledge of luxury menswear and Womenswear has made him an expert that continues to set him apart which enables his patrons to profit in their bespoke and made to measure experience. This sartorial foundation was established by working alongside luxury brands such as:

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In 2008 his design expertise was commissioned by internationally famed stylist Annie Horth. Together, they created and measured exquisite tuxedo jackets for Celine Dion's dancers. These pieces were curated as part of the wardrobe of Celine Dion's worldwide "Taking Chances" tour.

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His collaboration with Annie Horth inspired him to further his expertise and differentiate himself. In 2010 he embarked on a journey to study menswear tailoring and design, at reputable Lasalle College.

During this period he was courted by the luxury French maison Cartier to become a brand ambassador. During his tenure at Cartier his dedication and knowledge furthered his reputation, He was awarded advancement opportunities.  In 2016, Cartier selected him for a coveted position in their fine watchmaking program in New York city. This experience created another facet to his diverse skill and knowledge set.

It was in 2017 that the Custom Sartorial Atelier of DAVIGNON was establish. Representing the culmination of his luxury training and experience. DAVIGNON garments caters to all Men and Women and proud to be assisting the LGBTQIA+ community in their quest of better understanding Sartorial style.

Also in 2017,  Matthew was awarded a certificate of completion by Harvard Business school in “Entrepreneurial Essentials”.

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